With Godex you can monitor live cryptocurrency exchange rates. Over 300 popular coins are available on our service. For real-time prices visit https://godex.io/exchange-rate. You can display 2 currency quotes: in USD or BTC. Use a convenient search or filter by an important indicator for you.

You can also track the top winner coins that have increased in price and the top loser coins that have lost the most in price over the past 24 hours.


We Got Most Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ensuring complete user and transaction security is first among our top priorities. In addition to the overall high level of security of blockchain technologies Godex.io refused to collect any user data:

  • we do not ask you to create an account,
  • we do not ask you to provide any of your data,
  • and we do not ask you to verify your personal profile.

Also, Godex servers are securely protected and technologies are constantly being improved. We use the strictest security protocols, and the SSL certificate eliminates the possibility of interception of information. Godex specialists also pay great attention to protection against DDoS attacks of any level.

All these security technologies provide Godex with its place in the top cryptocurrency exchanges.