TorDex or Tor Index is a dark net search engine that lets you find onion sites without censorship. TorDex believes in the user’s right to control what they want to use the dark net for and what websites they want to visit.

TorDex allows you to find exciting onion websites without censoring what you’re trying to find on the dark net. They also have millions of pages indexed and can be helpful for research purposes.

TorDex also offers a directory service that allows you to find excellent onion websites based on their category and logo. If you’re an onion webmaster, you can add your onion to their directory and search index.

Downsides & Limitations of TorDex

The main downside to TorDex is its main feature, not censoring search results; this always guides you to discovering illegal content and other undesirable websites.

Another downside is the ads; TorDex is full of ads to scam websites and causes the website to load slowly, making it harder to find what you’re searching for.