Alt Address

We accept email to any address on any of our many domains and keep it for 3 days.
No registration or password is needed to check a message sent here.

Click for a free, temporary email address (no registration or password required).

Instead of sacrificing the privacy of your personal email address, use Alt Address for subscribing to a mailing list or for signing up to a website or service that requires email confirmation.

Use with or without signing up. Creating a free account gives you 4 password protected mailboxes. More mailboxes can be purchased using cryptocurrency. Messages sent to registered addresses are kept until you delete them. All of your mailboxes are easily managed and accessed from a single account page.

  • No registration required
  • Many domains to choose from
  • Messages are deleted after 72 hours
  • Receive attachments up to 25MB
  • Keeps your email accounts junk free
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Fewer passwords to remember
  • Use once and forget email addresses
  • Spam & virus filtering
  • Inline and remote image blocking
  • Outbound link protection
  • Encrypted intra-site messages