Welcome to BlackCloud. A Tor Hidden Service where you can upload and share your files.You can upload any type of file. Even you can upload HTML and JPEG files to build up a website.

Terms and Conditions  (TOC)

The uploaded files are encrypted and stored, so we can not check for their content.
You can upload anything, any type of file but you should not misuse this service.


You can advertise your business on the download page. Every time a non-image file is downloaded, an interstitial page is shown to the user before the download begins.

Place your advertisement banner by using the Area23 (area23t77sf3reef4bfzrb6r7u54bp6vvdbtmf4g35ic2nc44vcqkxad.onion) advertisement services.
Create a user at Area23 and start a campaign by uploading your banner and selecting one of the advertisements plans for Black Cloud.

You can find the prices for the advertisement campaigns in the Area23 site.

Start NOW making business!