You might have already come across a lot of online services to share files securely but it may not be completely anonymous.Also, you do have to rely on a centralized service to share your files and if the service decides to shut down like Firefox Send — you can’t really depend on it to safely share files all the time.

All things considered, OnionShare is an amazing open-source tool that lets you share files using the Tor Onion service. It should be an amazing alternative to all the cloud file sharing services.

OnionShare is an interesting open-source tool that’s available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

It lets you securely share files directly from your computer to the receiver without revealing your identity in the process. You don’t have to sign up for any account — nor does it rely on any centralized storage service.

It is basically peer-to-peer over the Tor network. The receiver only needs to have a Tor browser to download/upload files to your computer. I’d also recommend you to go through our Tor guide to explore more about it if you’re curious.