Darknet media sites are news and information sites covering darknet markets and other dark web activities.Regular topics include major drug dealer 'vendor' arrests, and all kinds of information surrounding darknet market activities and closures.A part of the Blueleaks hack, an FBI document mentions that non-commercial sites such as Darknetlive are "legal gateways" for accessing darknet markets.

This blog contains some technical interests of mine. I like to play with lights. Look at the image gallery for some examples.
Link: http://theyoshxgvcjm4s2xdt6zcjym4kgskibrlos6fai26yes4bhpia5z7qd.onion/

Tech Learning Collective
Technology education for radical organizers and revolutionary communities.Looking to get certified? Look elsewhere. Looking to spark a revolution? We’ll show you how to become more powerful than the most well-funded adversaries, including corporate- and government-backed opponents.
Link: http://lpiyu33yusoalp5kh3f4hak2so2sjjvjw5ykyvu2dulzosgvuffq6sad.onion/

RansomWareGroup Sites
A hidden wiki that post onion addresses of all ransomware groups active on the DarkNet
Link: http://ransomwr3tsydeii4q43vazm7wofla5ujdajquitomtd47cxjtfgwyyd.onion/

Pro Republica
There’s a new way to browse our website more securely and anonymously. To do it, you’ll need a bit of software called the Tor Browser.
Link: http://p53lf57qovyuvwsc6xnrppyply3vtqm7l6pcobkmyqsiofyeznfu5uqd.onion/

The BBC has made its international news website available via the Tor network, in a bid to thwart censorship attempts.
Link: https://www.bbcnewsd73hkzno2ini43t4gblxvycyac5aw4gnv7t2rccijh7745uqd.onion/

is a global advocate for freedom of opinion and freedom of speech. However, its websites are blocked in several countries. In order to reach their citizens nevertheless, DW is making its
content accessible via Tor.
Link: http://dwnewsgngmhlplxy6o2twtfgjnrnjxbegbwqx6wnotdhkzt562tszfid.onion/en/top-stories/s-9097

is a non-profit journalistic enterprise, the main project of the VDARE Foundation. We publish data, analysis, and editorial commentary in a variety of formats.
Link: http://f2vfjp3jc37gxgn4hum4uf2bhi2w3kp4jbzdwegrn6bvtezbhminobid.onion/

The New York Times
During the fall of 2021, The New York Times rebuilt it’s existing Onion service, added the “Onions Por Favor” service to the public New York Times website, and issued a new V3 Onion address
Link: https://ej3kv4ebuugcmuwxctx5ic7zxh73rnxt42soi3tdneu2c2em55thufqd.onion/

The Guardian
Readers of the Guardian can now access our journalism entirely within the Tor network – an internet communication system designed to promote online privacy and offer enhanced protection from digital surveillance
Link: http://xp44cagis447k3lpb4wwhcqukix6cgqokbuys24vmxmbzmaq2gjvc2yd.onion/

Darknet live is a darknet news blog that features the arrest of darknet vendors.
Link: http://darkzzx4avcsuofgfez5zq75cqc4mprjvfqywo45dfcaxrwqg6qrlfid.onion/